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Sayantika ChatterjeeTop Contributor
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How to expand your brand's reach?

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For the growth of company, it is important to expand the brand’s reach. There are several ways to do so.

Promotion on Social Media –

Today, social media has made really convenient to reach the targeted audience. Using social media like Instagram, Facebook, one can promote their brands. These media now also offer facility for paid promoted posts to reach the targeted users.

Turn into Franchise –

It is one of the best successful strategies for expanding the brand’s reach. If the customers are happy with your services at one location, franchise of the brand can be given to open outlets at various other locations. If the customers appreciate the service, the brand name reaches to many more people automatically.

Partner with reputed professionals –

By partnering with the other reputed & respected professionals(commercial), the brand can reach to a large group of people because such professionals have a large customer base. By taking proper steps, this strategy can help expand brand’s name. 

Kavii SuriTop Contributor
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There are many ways a brand can  expand reach:

  • Social Networking: This is very important, leverage the best advertising agencies of the world. To learn more, you can look at these answers:
  • Real Life Networking: This is very obvious, you need to attend as many networking events as possible. You need to know more people. To know more, look here216
  • Having a Website: This may sound obvious but many businesses believe this to be too much work with no real value. This is wrong of-course. To know it's importance, take a look here200.
  • Marketing: Focus more on marketing strategies. Here203 are some marketing strategies.
  • Know your niche: Find your target audience210 and target marketing towards them. Targeting the audience which is more likely to buy your product is obviously really efficient. You can use new emerging technologies like data analytics and machine learning to find what works best and is most efficient for you. To know how these can help you, look here202 and here208