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Kavii SuriTop Contributor
GEEK | Content Writing Intern | Pursuing CS | Exploring ML and Data Science
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How to create LinkedIn presence for your company?

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Kavii SuriTop Contributor
GEEK | Content Writing Intern | Pursuing CS | Exploring ML and Data Science

Create a Complete Company Page on LinkedIn

Stress on the complete there!!! because a profile may get up-to 2 times more viewers if it is complete. Make sure your page has the following seven items completely filled out:

– Logo
– Company description
– Website URL
– Company size
– Industry
– Company type
– Location

Create a regular posting schedule

According to LinkedIn, businesses that post at least once per month have been shown to gain followers 6 times faster than those that don’t.

In addition, Company Pages with at least 150 followers typically get 5 times more Company Page views than those with fewer followers!

You should aim to post at least once per week to your Company Page to keep your followers engaged (we post twice per week). To help you post consistently to your Company Page, set up a posting schedule242 so that you can easily schedule posts for your Page.

Reuse your top content

If you run out of content to post, you may (very sparingly) use your old top posts and repost or rephrase them. Remember this is dangerous as you may get stuck in habit of reposting the same thing again and again.

Target specific, professional audiences and decision makers.

LinkedIn’s advertising capabilities allow you to use filters like industry, company size and job title to target specific types of individuals -- ideally, the individuals most likely to engage with your brand, service, product or message. By targeting these specific professionals, you can mitigate waste on ad spend and maximize the power of your marketing dollars.

 Make Your employees follow you on linked In

Yeah, I know it seems obvious but it had to be said.