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How to create a blog to boost content based marketing?

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Blog promotion must be a part of your content strategy if you want your work to be seen, shared, and widely consumed.

So we have some tips to boost your content based marketing :

1. Make use of on-page SEO(search engine             optimization) best practices

2. Leverage Search Engine Marketing

3. Execute  a Strong Social Media Promotion           Plan

4. Target Popular Search Terms and Phrases

5. Tap Into the Power of Online Influencers

6. Promoting content through paid social media     ads like ads on YouTube, Instagram and               Facebook.         

7. Guest posting on other blogs. you can promote your blog by publishing posts on other sites. When you publish content on other similar websites, you tap into their existing audience. This allows you to build relationships with new readers and drive traffic back to your site. When guest posting, always try to include a link back to your site in your author bio or article content.

8. Set up a consistent email marketing plan. The first step in this process is building an email list. You should always focus on encouraging your current audience to sign up to receive updates from your brand. Then once you have an email list, send regular emails and notify followers each time you publish a new post.

So by following this above steps you can really get mass Reach of your blog for content based marketing.