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How to check credibility of your product?

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Visibility, credibility, and distinctiveness of product are three crucial dimensions of modern brand positioning. So how is your brand performing in these three dimensions? You can find out by doing some simple surveys of your own. Billion dollar marketers use expensive and complex research methods, but all marketers can and should reduce their goals and strategies to measurements — hopefully simple, inexpensive ones!

You can ask an informal gathering of prospective customers to discuss how credible, visible, and distinctive you, your company, your brand, or a specific product is. 

Who is the most credible (trustworthy, reliable, high quality)?

Who is the most visible, and why? Where do you see or hear about them? Why are they so well known?

Who is the most distinctive (unique, different, modern, economical, advanced, sophisticated, traditional — or whatever word describes points of difference)?

A score of 3 is, by definition, average, so you had best be at a minimum higher than 3 on all scales. But the real question is, how high do you need to be to create an easy-to-notice difference? Probably above 4, preferably approaching 5.

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