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Asked a question 3 years ago

How should companies measure Social Media Marketing Success?

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Success is measured by utilizing different metrics – traffic, leads, and clients. Counting the number of followers on your channels225 can help you know your social media reach. The factors that define success is how many people social media drives to your website, how many of them are qualified leads, and how many of them become costumers.

There are three ways to measure your social media marketing success :

1. REACH - The number of people you have impacted with your social media content. If everyone is ignoring you in the social media world, you're doing something wrong and you'll never produce results. Reach will give you a good understanding of how attractive your social media content is to your target audience.

2. ENGAGEMENT - To engage people with social media you need to create valuable content that inspire people. If your engagement power is low, you need to improve your content.

3. CONVERSION - 'Conversion' will tell you how many people took the next step to enter your lead generation funnel and join your marketing database. For social media marketing success is to use your website as the 'Hub' of your social media content, always linking back to content on your website in your social networking posts.