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How one can improve customer retention?

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Customer retention

It is the transformation of one time customers to repeated customers.Keeping your customers is the main goal.

New customers and existing customers are much different from one another.Existing customers know more about you and the product/service because they have already experienced it. But new customer will be whole new ,you will have to explain him every scheme, types of products, specifications etc. It's expensive to keep new customers in comparison to existing. It's more profitable in long run and marketing costs can also be reduced.

Best way to retain : 

Customer loyalty - Make your customers feel valued by providing them with royal treatment. Introduce them with new product,offers and discounts.

Complaints - You will only be able to get customer retention by satisfying them.If there is any complaint from the customer, it is the prime duty to take care of it.

Emails - Every email can work. It's just to grab the opportunity by setting expectations. Messages like order confirmation, shipment ,delivery and feedback can help gaining customer retention.Through this you are in touch with the customer.

Be truthful - One should be honest with their customers by providing them fair price, good quality products and disclosure about exchange policies.

Customer's interest - Market according to your customer's interest.One589 should know what their customer want so that they can provide suitable product accordingly .