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How marketing is different from selling?

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Marketing: Marketing is a process under which valuable goods/services are created, offered and by doing transaction independently, the needs are satisfied.

Selling: It is a process of sale of goods and services through advertisement, publicity and salesmanship.

Difference between marketing and selling

(i) The main focus of the marketing is achieving the maximum satisfaction of the customers', needs.

And the main focus of selling is on the transfer of ownership of the product from the seller to buyer.

(ii) In marketing to earning profit priority is given to consumers satisfaction.

Whereas in selling maximum preference is given to seller for earning profit.

(iii) Marketing activity starts, the moment idea of producing the goods comes to mind. It ends with the satisfaction of the customer.

Selling activity start after the production of the goods. It ends with the sale of the product.

(iv) Under marketing customers satisfaction is emphasised 

Under selling satisfaction of the sales person is emphasised.

(V) The focus of marketing is on product, promotion, pricing and physical distribution.

It pays attention to the promotion.