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Neha PalTop Contributor
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Asked a question 3 years ago

How many types of errors are there in SEO?

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404 - Responds with an error, but shows a custom page to help your visitors.
200 - If a page is missing, it's replaced with the custom error page.
302 - If the page is missing, it's replaced with a temporary redirect to a custom error page.
301 - Redirects errors to either a custom error page, or some other page in the site.
403 is HTTP error. The request requires user authentication.
These type of errors 400, 401 - 404, 501 - 503, etc are supposed to be the HTTP status codes.


Puru BhatnagarTop Contributor
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It is important to have the knowledge of error that one can face.

There are HTTP status code which is nothing but the three digit codes that are issued by the server when they recieve the query from the client side which is actually the client requests.

Status codes is are as follows:

1). If it is started with 1XX then it is informational.

2). For 2XX it will be success.

3).For 3XX it will be redirection.

4).For 4XX it will be of client error.

5). For 5XX it will be of server error type.

Some of the error are:

1).401: this error occurred when someone tries to access an unauthorised page.

2).404: this error displayed when you ask for the page which is not present and you get not found error.

3).500: this error occur when there is some internal server error.

4).400: this error occur when user side browser sends a bad syntax or request and this error is returned from server side.

5).503: this type of error occur when you send the request to the server and the server is not able to process the request as it is overloading.