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Asked a question 3 years ago

How is job enlargement different from job enrichment?

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It refers to incriment in the tasks of an employee. Basically, an employee in an organisation has to complete various tasks and they are mostly of a same nature so they might get bored while performing these tasks all the time. So , to decrease the monotony of the single task, few tasks are added to their existing job, which means they have to finish the new task and also have to complete the existing one too. It is done horizonally as the extra work is given with previous one. No additional skills are required for this. It is a quantitative concept as quantity of tasks are increased. Its outcome may or may not be positive.


It refers to a job design strategy which helps the employees for their motivation. Here, extra responsibilities are added to the job to make more rewarding for the employees. Overall, there is upgradation in the quality of the job to make it more exciting and challenging and creative. it is done vertically as the job position is upgraded. Additional skills are required as the responsibilities have been increased. It is a qualititaitve concept as quality of job is increased. Its outcome is always positive.