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Aalekh Prajapati
Content Writer
Asked a question 4 years ago

How is India doing in terms of startups ?

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World is constantly changing its economic and technological shape by the ideas and innovations coming from brilliant minds of entrepreneurial geniuses. Many of these entrepreneurs are from USA, Europe, Australia, China. As far as India is concerned, India is a developing country,, which is developing at a faster rate than anyone else. Although, there are a few economic and political hiccups in recent times, but it isn't keeping India back from developing new ideas and bring change to nation. There are many startups that have come and are still emerging. Flipkart is one such company, that changed the face of shopping in India. One major change in startups that not many countries have seen but India is witnessing are startups in sectors of education, sports and entertainment. There are many Youtubers that have innovative content for entertainment, they are entrepreneurs. There are TikTok users, who are gaining popularity, owing to their amazing content, fun and presentation on entertainment and dubbing app TikTok. Many people say, TikTok people are not talented, but that's not the case. Although, it is dubbing at many times, but it does take time, comittment, efforts, team and presentation skiils That doesn't sound less than being entrepreneurs. There are startups coming in energy sectors who are helping government fighting energy deficit and energy costs. Ola, Uber have changed fleet industry, Swiggy and Zomato have delivered food to every home in big cities and are expanding to every corner of the nation. I believe, India have a very good scope and outlook, in terms of startups who will be giants one day and many statups will keep following, making India's future bright.