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Asked a question 4 years ago

How important is marketing for the startup?

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Nowadays Business without marketing and online presence in the market is not a business. 

The Business without marketing about its products and services will not be able to compete with the competeters in nowadays Business environment.

Following points describe in a more clear way why a newly established startup need to market it's Business:

Paid Form :

Sponsorer has to bear the costs of communicating with the prospective buyer.


 No direct face to face contact between prospects and advertisers. Creates a monologue and not a dialogue.

Identified Sponsor:

Undertaken by an identified individual who makes the advertising effort and bears the costs of it.

Mass Reach :

Large number of people over a large geographical area can be reached. By an online way and a traditional way of marketing people on a large scale comes to know about your business cause nowadays people spend most of their time on internet.

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction And Confidence :

Creates confidence and prospective buyers feel more comfortable and assured about the product quality.


Due to development in art, computer designs and graphics, special effect can be created that makes simple products and messages look attractive.


Because of the wide reach of the market , overall cost of advertising gets spread over a wide range of amaudience and per unit cost of reach get devided into very small amount from the customers.