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Asked a question 3 years ago

How entrepreneurs can retain its customers?

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Entrepreneurs should not only work to attract customers to their products or services but he should also put efforts to create loyal customer base for its goods and services. Retaining customers is important as it results in repeatitive sales from them. Loyal customers not only buy products and services when they need but also spread word of mouth. A positive word of mouth customers helps entrepreneur to bring new customer to him. Hence customer retention is important for running and growing business. Following are tips for customer retention :

  1. Provide after sale services - provide support to clients after sale is important to establish long term strong business customer relationship. 
  2. Feedback - asking feedback from the customers is a nice way to be in touch with them and at the same time help to improve the products of the entrepreneurs. 

To wrap up - customer retention helps customer to attach with the product or services and also help to create reputation and goodwill in the market.