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How does E-mail marketing works?

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Puru BhatnagarTop Contributor
Business Analyst, Entrepreneur, Business developer, Marketer

E-mail marketing is an essential tool for reaching out to your existing customers or potential customer ever since the inception of internet.

What is E-MAIL marketing then, it is the mail that you receive from your merchant from you have purchased or submit your e-mail address anytime earlier. This mail can be regarding any new offer that they are giving or any information regarding the products they are selling.

E-mail marketing can be done for any of the given points:

1).Using E-mail marketing to improve the relationship between existing customers or previous customers.

2). In a motive to acquire new customers and convincing new customers to purchase something .

3). To advertise about new products.

There are many advantages for using e-mail marketing as it help to trace about what is the turn out ratio of the campaign

Also it help to allow marketers to reach out to their customers in most relevant and personalised way.

E-mail marketing is also prone to les turn out ratio as many mail that are recieved can get into spam option or generally neglected by people. To make your Email more appealing one has to design their content in such a way that it get necessary attention of the customer and they should take atleast one step forward that is reaching to your site atleast.