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Asked a question 4 years ago

How do you start a tech startup as a non technical person?

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You can always improve your technical skills by reading books and browsing the internet.I'm always a phone person so i extended my help from youtube channels like LE WAGON, NCTEL,IMSUC FLIP and a lot of mooc online courses and online pdf books of "THE STARTUP WAY" by Eric Ries, THE LEAN START UP, ZERO TO ONE ,CONSCIOUS CAPITALISM, START UP LAND, THE UP STARTS.

To be a Successful Entrepreneur,you need more of Practical Skills ,you need to know where to apply what.Start ups are itself technical and you cant be a Non-technical Entrepreneur. When you come more into the game you will learn things along the way.Consistency is the most important trait in Entrepreneurship and one need to be never tired of learning things.Technical entrepreneurs are like engineers with MBA degree,where you need to be technically strong,inorder to find where things gone wrong and putting that into place is a most important job of a Entrepreneur. Excel in both to take your start ups to the next level.

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Build an audience.

What you don’t have in technical skills, you can make up with interpersonal skills.

To recruit a technical co-founder, I had to build a community of thousands of people who trusted me.

In the meantime, I pushed to get a technical co-founder.

They kept refusing because they thought they were better than me.

Their heads turned once I started making money from my community.

“He can do it without us.”

That’s when I had the leverage to convince my current co-founder to join me.

He saw my ability to create a community and sell.