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Asked a question 4 years ago

How do we handle our situation during failure?

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Failure -the weapon for a huge change... 

       One can make a moment as a successful one in a day which doesn't give any skill to face anything. Instead of that the failure plays an essential role for every problem solving and situation handling. 

        We arre both getting upset for first failure. It hold your heart and mind to achieve more and more instead of that failure. But in second time it gets reduced to motivate yourself. A huge underestimation can around your whole mind by getting continuous failure. We have to make a solution for that. By the bunch of problems a great entrepreneur can grow.

A single man can't do whatever he thought. A bond should be created with someone else to carving them as an entrepreneur. If his idea is avoids by all he should not Feel about it. He should make a great step along the  world to change the view what their look on you. 

       Once you are getting chance to achieve He should be ready to establish his thing as a huge one. Failure is like a season. Success is like a kurinji flower once in a blue moon. 

         Failures should love their fails to make it  as the  best solution. Failure's situation can role the  whole World. Things are read it to enter. We have to be prepare for anything. Such a wonder opportunity can give a great win by facing the continuous fails. Never ever give up for fail. 

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Asked a question 4 years ago
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