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Asked a question 3 years ago

How do I team up with startup?

Where am I?

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All startups once they get past 20 staff will need a finance person, so one thing you can is try applying for any jobs advertised. A lot of these positions do tend to get filled via personal networks though.

A more pro-active stance might be to send in your CV to small startups. One place to find these are on the portfolio pages of VC's - obviously dependent upon your location. If they are big enough for a VC, they probably are big enough for a proper finance team, even if only one person.

Most startup centers like the Bay Area, London etc have regular startup meetups - a great way to get yourself included in those networks. You can google these and just go along.

A final idea is to maybe offer some free consulting to startups. The value of this is that it gets you known in the startup community and puts you in contact with teams before they would be big enough to need a full time finance person, but obviously still have questions and issues related to finance. Again the best way to do this is to concentrate on your actual or preferred locality.