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How can you increase the productivity of your team?

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Here in this case we can use some principles of management which are practically tested and then become the principal these principles helps to increase the productivity in business

14 Principles of management of management given by Henry fayol.

Principle of management: Division of work leads to specialization, and specialization helps to increases efficiency and efficiency which results in improvements in the productivity and profitability of the organization.

Principle of authority and responsibility:

According to Henri Fayol, there should be a balance between Authority (Power) and Responsibility.The right to give orders should not be considered without reference to responsibility.

The authority is more than responsibility then chances are that a manager may misuse it. If responsibility is more than authority then he may feel frustrated.

Principle of division:

Discipline means respect for the rules and regulations of the organization. Discipline may be Self-discipline, or it may be Enforced discipline.Outward mark of respect in accordance with formal or informal agreements between a firm and its employees.

Principle of Unity of Command:

According to this principle, a subordinate (employee) must have and receive orders from only one superior (boss or manager).To put it another way, a subordinate must report to only one superior. It helps in preventing dual subordination. This decreases the possibilities of “Dual subordination” which creates a problem is a function of managers.

 Principle of Unity of Direction:

One head and one plan for a group of activities with the same objective. All activities which have the same objective must be directed by one manager, and he must use one plan.This is called the Unity of Direction.

For example, all marketing activities such as advertising, sales promotion, pricing policy, etc., must be directed by only one manager.

Subordination of Individual Interests to the General Interest.

Principle of fair Remuneration

Centralisation and Desentralisation

Principle of scaler chain or chain of command

Principle of order

Principle of order 

principle of equity 

stability of tenure of personal 

principle of initiative

And last but not the list is principle of esprit de corps.