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How can we classify brands?

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Classification of brands 

1.Personal brand

This type of brand in the list of Brand Classification is also known as an individual brand. The brand a person builds around themselves and normally to enhance their career opportunities in the market. Often associated with how people portray market themselves via media and promotional activities.

2.Product brand

Elevating the perceptions of commodities and goods offered by the company so that they are associated with the ideas and emotions of the customers that exceed the functional nature of the capabilities Consumer packaged goods brands otherwise known as fast-moving consumer goods brands are a specific application to this type Brand Classification.

3.Service brand

Similar to product brands, but it involves adding perceived value to the services as well. It is quite difficult in some ways than developing a product brand because the offering itself is less tangible in nature Useful in areas such as professional services it enables the marketers to avoid competing for skill v/s the skill that is hard to prove and often revolves around a price argument by associating their brand with emotions of the customer.

4.Corporate brand

It is also known as the organizational brand and David Aaker puts it very well: “The corporate brand defines the firm that will deliver and stand behind the offering that the target customer will buy and use.” The reassurance that provides for customers comes from the fact that a corporate brand  will potentially have a rich legacy, assets and capabilities, people, values, and priorities, a local or global frame of reference, citizenship programs, and a performance record in its overall approach and business processes.

5.Investor brand

6.Public brand

7.Ethical brand

8.Activist brand

9.NGO240 (Non-Governmental Organization) or Non-Profit brand