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Rajnish SharmaTop Contributor
Content Creator || Android App Developer
Asked a question 3 years ago

How can I become a successful entrepreneur?

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Rajnish SharmaTop Contributor
Content Creator || Android App Developer

If you ask ten different people what success means you might get ten different answers. Financial freedom, paying down debts, building a big company, personal freedom, etc and  there might be psychological goals as well: proving everyone wrong, proving my parents wrong, proving that I can make the impossible possible, and so on. Many rich people become entrepreneurs even though they have financial freedom already. Many poor people become “lifestyle entrepreneurs” – they never get rich from their business but their business sustains their lifestyle.

There is no such thing as success as an entrepreneur.

One thing is in common with anyone who truly is a successful entrepreneur: they set out to create a solution that would make people’s lives easier.

If you always have the affirmation in your mind, “I need to give to receive“, and force all of your thoughts to coalesce around that affirmation, then over time and experience you will create a product or service that will make people’s lives easier or better or wealthier. This is a service that people will pay you more than cost for.
There must be an entrepreneurial fire in your belly to start a new business and make it to the one of the best in its field and mind me not everyone is that lucky to have to have it. how anyone should come to know about how to plan that it comes out to be one of the best ? So, these are the seven signs which lead to be the best,but is it important to have all in one? NO, but it would probably wouldn’t hurt to have all these seven to be a good competitor in the market.

  • People who turns out to do a successful businessman are often the one who always have a parent hand on their head means those parent have already earned,experienced and build up an empire on their own.People who strike out on their own often have a direct example of a parent to look to.
  • You are a lousy person, need not to sugar coat on this one. Out of all the entrepreneur 75% of the businessman tend to start their own business because either they quit more then one job or you have been fired. The only stuff you need to keep in your mind is that the only person who can effectively and efficiently manage and motivate you is YOURSELF.
  • How many definitions you must have gone through Observing “JOB SECURITY”, in this rapidly changing economy,job security can be frighteningly fleeting.just paraphrasing it “ITS WAY BETTER TO HAVE 100 IDIOTS CLIENTS THAN TO HAVE ONE IDIOT BOSS”.
  • IN case you start with a new business, and with all those positive and accepting market demand it comes out to be successful when you get to the top you stop and it start like “WHAT NEXT”, so this brings you down to middle instead of at the top. Fear of stagnation can be a powerful motivator,especially if you have an idea for something that could be at least be more interesting and potentially lucrative.
  • Very very important is to do the market study, please do not tell me you are ready with all the set up without the market study it will eventually bring you to the first step planning and so your planning fails eventually all your steps of management.
  • Support is like a backbone,you need motivation and the best motivation comes from your family and spouse.Trying to do it without the support of them will be unbearable.
  • Yes all in above believe in you and your beautiful idea because if you do not love your own idea then trust me no one. Just be strong about your ideas because leaving you no one else knows about the beauty you project have.