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Asked a question 4 years ago

How can a person be an entrepreneur?

Where am I?

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Ritesh Agarwal,

He is Founder of Indias Largest Hospitality Company OYO Rooms. He was Born In small-town of Odisha, From Young age, he was inspired by entrepreneurs and software. He taught himself coding at a very young age, in his free time he always used to read about startups. Suddenly he realizes the problem of finding budget hotels in India and came with Oravel (Which is now known as OYO Rooms.)

  • Ritesh was from a small town. (That means he was grown with the limited resource)
  • College Dropout from the very first day. (That means he is self-taught)
  • He was from a middle-class family. (That means he doesn’t have enough money for his startup)
  • Oyo Rooms is not an out of box startup, He just realizes the common problem and came with a solution.

So, Now let's come on the actual question “How can I be an Entrepreneur?

You Don’t need a lot of money for becoming an Entrepreneur.

You don’t need to be from a big town to be an Entrepreneur.

(Idea or product) to be an Entrepreneur.

You Don’t need a degree to become an entrepreneur.

Just Find a problem around and try to fix it. Do good market research about it and create a USP. Launch product/service at a small scale and validate it. These are some small steps, you can take to be an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is not a rocket science, it is all about execution.

Note:- Also learn skills that you need for your startup, skills such as coding, marketing, sells etc.