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Asked a question 4 years ago

How a businessman is different from an entrepreneur?

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There are various ways in which they can be different:

1)On the basis of competition- A businessman wants to cooperate than to compete to attain their goals.He puts all his efforts to compete.An entrepreneur sees himself as a competition.

2)On the basis of employees- A businessman is the owner and the manager himself.His motive is to work hard to earn profit.So216, he needs employees who could help them grow.An entrepreneur is a leader who want people to work but not like machines.

3)On the basis of money- Business owners start with a good capital, then operate and attain success but they are also worried about losing their money too.An entrepreneur can start from the zero level.So222, they don't worry alot about money as they can adjust.

4)On the basis of risks associated- Business owners think alot while taking risks as they are too worried about losing their money.So234, they prefer calculation.An entrepreneur can start from scratch.They are able to take unlimited risks .

5)On the basis of idea- Business owner prefers existing idea as he wants to do a thing which is popular and profitable in the market.He doesn't think of whether the idea is unique or copied.An entrepreneur is known as the innovator as he creates his own idea .He invests in his own idea.