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Aalekh Prajapati
Content Writer
Asked a question 3 years ago

Do you really want to do a startup because you have idea or you just want to go with startup trend ?

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There are 2 types of people - 

  1. Those who have an Idea that can change the world
  2. Those who do not have an Idea but still want to change the world

Both these types have the power to change the world. But the question is where does it come from. Is it coming from your mind and your inside ? Or is it coming from your surrounding only ?

When someone has an Idea, all it takes is a list of few hundreds of qualities and skills to push your idea and convert to a company. But when someone doesn't have an Idea, they may also be motivated. Now the next question is where does this motivation comes from - 

  1. Does it come from you getting inspired from others and you have willingness and committment to change shape of society ?
  2. Does it come from you seeing others having ideas and are doing something. You just don't want to be behind your peers and feel bad ?

First case is very fine, which definitely can bring changes if you do work on it. But second case is dangerous, not for society, but for yourself. Society will not be affected, if you do fail at your startup (without willingness from heart) but you will hit the rock bottom and lose everything you have because you have headed to a road just by following others. Today, the trend of startup is very common in India's colleges and universities. Many students, who do not have any ideas with them to build a company, just head out to do startup with silly ideas, pushing themselves unnecessarily and hit the rock bottom. In doing so, they loose their prospects for job as well. This situation must be taken care of.