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Discuss the roles of an entrepreneur.

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An entrepreneur is the one who plans, organizes, manages and take the risk of any business. Their is a lot of hard work needed in expanding an enterprise.To230 run a business effectively and efficiently, an entrepreneur has to perform certain roles for that.

Informative- Entrepreneur has to transmit information internally and externally the organisation.

Monitoring - Entrepreneur also has to look after the internal and external changes in the environment of the business constantly.

Leadership - He has to lead the people by hiring, training , motivating whenever needed.He has to bring people together with their opinions and approaches to work as a team.

Resource allocation - Entrepreneur has to decide where the resources must be allocated as there are various departments in an organisation with different needs. 

Social role - He has to think for the welfare of people and provide them services accordingly.

Technological role - He has to bring new technology and also changing traditional techniques with modern.