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Corporate finance .

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Corporate finance is type of finance that deals with finance the capital structure , and for the investors to invest and take their Decsion. It is basically concerned with the maximizing of the share holders value . It is a financial activity that includes planning of the finance, raising the shares, investment and monitoring of the financial activaties of the business firm. It includes the financial assets of the business. The work is done by the financial manager of the financial department. It raises the fiancial stocks of the company the money or the shares are collected in the form of loans taken from the bank, debentures, investment etc.this finance is difficult for a newly started company to collect the shares or investments to their company .because the investors might not probably trust the newly startup companies however it is easy for a old and reputed companies to go further in their business. Β IIt is objectiv oriented the main objectives are to earn most of the profit out of the investment . There' are two types of corporate finance fixed capital and working capital. Fixed capital is a long term finance it is used for the long term fulfilling needs of the company. It is used to achieve the aspects of the company and working capital is a short term fiance.Β