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Asked a question 4 years ago

Can startups in agriculture sector be run smoothly in India?

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Puru BhatnagarTop Contributor
Business Analyst, Entrepreneur, Business developer, Marketer

Thanks for A2A ,

for a startup to run smoothly, there are many factors which are essential like product acceptance in the market, investments, market to reach out, and how it is executed starting from initiation.ย 

eI, it is not that agriculture startups are not working in India, some of them ย are also thriving, for example Cropin, Stellaps , they are.tc318.

When we talk about the agriculture startups there are many area like farm management, dairy product, horticulture, Cold storage, share crop based idea etc, on which either the work is done or it is in the development phase.

Now coming on the factors that are somehow affecting these startups

one is the technology and the other factor how is the marketing is done for the product.

The technology aspect is still in developing phase, the machines are still not so developed, many startups like I mentioned above Stellapps uses IoT to provide solutions for dairy supply chain, innovation is required in this field, but even so much efforts startups find it difficult to market their products and be able to get sufficient response from the farmers side too.

The investment part also posses problem to these startups like many investors are not ready to invest, they are more inclined towards urban centric startups.

so yes, the path for the agriculture startups is filled with many challenges but government is also rising up to help these startups, lets see what will be the future.

We have our 60-70% of our economy dependent on agriculture but still there is not a single startup which has a huge adoption in our agriculture sector. Many startups are coming up in this sector but can they change this sector is a big question. Farmers in India have always been poor and illiterate. If there is some technological advancement in this sector in future then a challenge would lie in their adaptation. Many farmers will not have the means to pay for any products brought up by our startups or they are not technologically aware about the ways in which they can use it for their benefit. Also, land possessed by our farmers are either too small or they do not possess any land. Also, there are many land disputes between farmers which our startups will not want to take on their heads and global warming is another big challenge in their path. So, there are too many big rocks lying in the way of startups in agriculture sector and it all depends on the startups how they face these challenges. ย