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As an entrepreneur how to relieve Stress?

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We know “With great power comes great responsibility”. Thus, an entrepreneur is on work mentally for 24 hours as he has many responsibilities that can put great stress on entrepreneur. If one is unable to cope with this stress, this affects not only working efficiency but personal health.  Below are few ways to relieve stress -

Take intermittent breaks -

This is one of the best ways to relieve stress. Taking breaks helps your body relax. It also increases the working efficiency and creativity. When you feel stress coming on, get up and do something else such as taking a brief walk or going outside. 

Exercise regularly -

Research has found that exercise is an excellent outlet for negative emotions such as anger, frustration and anxiety. Doing exercise on daily basis not only keeps you healthy but helps you live stress-free life and have clear visions of goals.

Find a hobby -

An engaging hobby is a wonderful way to give your mind a break. Almost every successful person has a hobby no matter which field they are working. Doing something you love is a great stress buster. The hobby can be anything depending upon one’s liking & interests like painting, playing games or sports, poetry & so on.

Spend time with loved ones –

Seeing friends & family can help in diverting the mind from work pressure and stress. By taking some time out, one should also go for vacation with friends or family as it refreshes our mind and soul.

Meditate –

Who doesn’t know the benefits of meditation. Taking a break from hectic schedule and mediating for some time can really calm your mind and help you think creatively and focus on work without any distractions.  


Devashish Shrivastava Top Contributor
Undergraduate student | Content Writer

Stress. We're all prone to it. But especially time-strapped, overworked entrepreneurs. Whether it’s making changes to the product, finding new customers or having to let an employee go, the experience can become overwhelming. It's practically impossible to finish every task you've laid out for yourself on any given day. I've found it to be helpful to adopt a more relaxed attitude, accepting that only so much can be completed.

Because we live in such an information-saturated society, it can be easy to tune out the endless parade of statistics about how stress leads to health-related problems. However, some stats are just so eye-popping that you can't help but take notice. Here are some. According to The American Institute of Stress, not only does stress increase the risk of heart disease by 40 percent, it boosts the risk of heart attack by 25 percent and stroke by 50 percent. To escape these unpleasant consequences, try some of these relaxing ideas, in no particular order:

1. Get professional help

Sometimes you can't do it all on your own. With increasing demands at work making you stressed out, you may feel as though you just can't stop feeling anxious and on edge. Reducing the tension (even severe stress) through professional help from a qualified psychologist can be a wise idea, according to PsychCentral. There should be no stigma attached to seeking professional help if anxiety is getting the better of you -- consider it a wise investment in time and money.

2. Try a massage

Millions of people have been seeing massage therapists once in a while as a way to take off that extra edge, relieve back problems or relieve muscle soreness after working out. The Mayo Clinic214 says, in general, massage is an effective treatment to reduce stress, pain and muscle tension. You can even have a massage therapist come to your office at a time you specify.

Merlin Kaufman is the CEO of Soothe.com201, an online massage delivery service. He says, "Making tough executive decisions becomes easier if you have a massage first, to relax your mind and body and put you in the mood to ponder your next move as an entrepreneur." Truth be told, almost any kind of break will give you at least some benefit that helps you work better once you get back to the grind. 

3. Seek diversions away from work

Sign up for a yoga class a few times a week, perhaps after work to calm down before heading home, providing a buffer between your work and home life. There are a number of free online streaming yoga websites, as well, such as Do Yoga With Me where you can practice at your own level and at your own pace.  Also consider a hobby you've always wanted to try, such as gardening, photography or hiking.

A hobby can also be a good networking tool. You can join a hobbies meetup group, just to make friends of course, but you might also discover prospective supporters for your startup.

5. Take a vacation

Remember what a vacation is? If you can't, it's time to take one! 

CNBC says unused worker vacation time is at a 40-year high. As an entrepreneur you work just as hard, if not harder, than your employees -- so don’t stint yourself on booking a cruise or going camping. If you want to take a cruise you don’t have to do all the booking and planning yourself. Thousands of companies, from Disney to Carnival Cruises, to every hotel in Las Vegas, offer vacation planners that will call you at your convenience to help you plan an itinerary and get you good deals on airfares and hotels. This can take a lot of the hassle out of planning.

6. Exercise

As Bob Dylan said, "Ya better start swimming or you'll sink like a stone." When it comes to exercise, he's right, literally. Although he may have been referring more figuratevly to changes in the American political and cultural landscape, his words can be applied to making your life better. Study after study has shown a correlation between exercise and decreased stress, as well as a healthier, happier life in general. 


7. Meditate and reconnect with yourself

Take a quiet moment away from the hurly burly of the office to review and reflect on your goals. Meditation can be a huge help in this area. Meditating doesn't necessarily involve actively thinking about anything in particular. It's more of a way to clear the mind, which science has shown to be immensely helpful in reducing stress, lessening pain and bringing a greater sense of well-being. 

Call to mind what it felt like originally to be out on your own; remember the thrill and pleasure it gave you to be building an organization that would be helping others meet their needs in some way while providing you with the satisfaction of earning a decent income. What were the resources and abilities you started with when you wrote out your business plan? See how far you’ve come since then, and congratulate yourself. It often feels better and more relaxing when you realize you’ve accomplished a goal, no matter what it is.