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Asked a question 4 years ago

Are there any inspiring movies that an entrepreneur must watch?

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Movies are important source of entertainment for people. They not only entertain the audience but can also be helpful in providing knowledge related to history, sports and give us inspiration from the stories of successful personalities. There are various genre of movies like horror, action, comedy, drama etc. Which cater to the entertainment needs of people according to their preferences. People not only watch movie for entertainment but also watch to get inspiration, know the unknown facts on the famous matter on which the movie is based or some people also watch just to see their favorite actor or actress on the big screen. Surely there are certain movies that are made to inspire and motivate entrepreneurs for their passion. Movies can play significant role in giving insight to the entrepreneurs. Movies can influence the vision of entrepreneurs in a better way as they display the matter by using elements like  acting, music, songs, dance, drama and emotions. The following are some movies which an entrepreneur must watch :

1. Wall street 

2. Money ball 

3. Catch me if you can 

4. The social network 

5. The founder 

6. Office space. 

7. Margin call 


Rightly explained below by Himani. I would like to add a few names in the list, that are not exactly entrepreneurial, but still gives us hopes and confidence. 

  1. Erin Brockovich: This movie is based on Hinkley disaster, which is the case of biggest lawsuit in law history.  It is not directly related to entrepreneurship. (There is a misconception that entrepreneurship means business or startup only). You can be an entrepreneur in a job also. 

    In this movie, Erin is broke as hell, as she has 3 children to take care of, without husband or any financial support. But, she doesn't loose her shit and continues to find job, get the job and put all her sweat, blood, mind, days and nights, to understand the case. She doesn't every possible thing to win justice for affected people of Hinkley. 

    This movie teaches us 2 things: 
    1. If you are confident about yourself, you can always right up, no matter how hard you hit the rock bottom. Real winners are those who rise from the scratch. 
    2. You should have a purpose behind everything. Purpose becomes your motivation. In this movie, Erin had 2 purposes - 
      1. To earn bread and butter for her family and raise healthy and educated children. 
      2. To bring justice to the people of Hinkley, who had already lost their loved ones due to disaster. 
  2. Thank you for smoking: This movie will teach you selling skills. You can learn to sell any product by getting an inspiration from this movie, which is based on saving ciggerate industry, by proving why it shouldn't be stopped. 

There are many more movies, that you can watch. If you come across any movie on entrepreneurship that is not listed in this or Himani's answer, please comment here. I would like to expand my list and learn more.