Your best work is often unrecognised . It lives like an orphan and goes out in a

Think about it. Did Leonardo win an Oscar for his best work? Or Russell Crowe
for that matter. He won for Gladiator (a great movie) but a better nuanced role
was ‘A beautiful mind’. I can think of Denzel Washington getting it for a dozen
movie roles but didn’t and yet made it with a relatively lesser one. One of
Sachin’s best knocks came in a test match that India lost .

AR Rahman won an Oscar and recognition for ‘Slum Dog Millionaire’ which is no
where close to his masterpieces strewn around in Tamil and Hindi. One can argue
that Illaya Raja under whom Rahman worked is a greater musician and yet he’s not
as well known globally.

When in a state of pessimism, when everything you do goes unrecognised, it’s
better to remember this.

Like they say in Gully Boy - ‘Apna Time Aayega’ (Our time will come) or Nahi
aaya to bhi kya (And so what if it doesn’t). You’ve done your bit and that’s
reason enough to be proud.

2020 has sucked the wind out of us but there’s more days to come and make
something out of it.

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Posted by Naarayan T V on LinkedIn