You may not know it but a to-do is essential to every author.
Especially if you’re juggling writing and running a business.

You can do it the old-fashioned way with a pen and paper,
OR do it the 21st century way, through apps.

Here are some good apps that I recommend:

📋 Todoist - This app is very popular when it comes to low-cost/free personal
productivity. You can access this through a web app, or through your phone
through a mobile app. The free version offers up to five completed tasks a day.
If you do opt for the basic package, it will cost you only $3/month and it will
allow you to access amazing features like commenting and labelling.

📋 Google Tasks - If you’re already using Google apps like Docs, Sheets, Slides
etc. , it already in the sidebar. You just name a task, set a deadline and then
tick it off once you’re done.

📋 Remember the Milk - This is one of the most recommended to-do list tools out
there. Just like Todoist, it has a lot of features. The pro-version is also not
as expensive, at $39.99/year.

There are a lot of to-do list apps out there, these are just some of the tools
that I recommend.

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Posted by Vikrant Shaurya on LinkedIn