You’ll drive more traffic to your website this quarter (or year) by updating
your old stuff instead of focusing exclusively on publishing new stuff.

But, it’s also not a “get rich quick” magic bullet. You need to prioritize the
right content and put in the research/work required to publish a meaningful

For example, if you simply update your oldest blog posts, add a few keywords and
update the page title and publish date, you’re unlikely to see any material
organic gains.

Like anything else, you need a more thoughtful approach.

In my experience, it’s best to approach “updates” in 3 phases:

🚀 The Biggest Losers: Content that’s decayed at a high traffic volume.
🚀🚀 The Almost Famous: Content that’s currently ranking on page 2.
🚀🚀🚀 The Nobodies: Content that’s targeting high-intent, high-volume keywords
that are not ranking at all.

It’s best to follow these sequentially, only moving on to the next phase once
you’re seeing diminishing returns.

In SGC this morning, I share:

✅ How to prioritize the right posts in each phase using free tools like Google
Analytics and Google Search Console.
✅ The Content Update Pyramid––how to prioritize what to update/add to each post.
✅ The Xs and Os of researching for an update.

See you in there. Link below.

Originally posted by John Bonini on LinkedIn