You have passed the 1st round screening call and have moved on

To the more intense portion of the interview process with the hiring manager

Here's 2 quick ways to find sets of questions to practice beforehand šŸ‘‡:

šŸ”¹ Look at the job ad and reframe the job requirements as interview questions.

For example, let's say you are applying to a Marketing Manager position and
below is one of the job responsibilities you will be doing:

"Plan, direct and evaluate the advertising campaigns to promote company

The above can be asked in two ways at an interview.

- How you have done this in the past
- Walk them through your process on how you would do this for them

šŸ”¹ Google Top Behavioral Questions

There will be reputable career sites that will have a list of top behavioral
questions you can use to practice.

By using both sources you have your bases covered from an expertise and
behavioral question perspective.

I used this methodology for a client I recently worked with and after the
interview she told me the questions were similar to what we practiced, some
times even the exact question was asked.

Remember, it's not about predicting the actual interview questions that will be
asked; it's about practicing the structure in how to answer them.

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