You don't need to have a blog on your SaaS website to bring inbound leads. But a
successful blog lets you give cold outreach a break when the leads come

The problem is content writing takes a lot of time.

There's research, writing, editing, and publishing. Then try doing all of that
twice a week. In the meantime you are refining your product and handling your
clients. It's also a pain to think of new blog ideas every week.

Instead of trying to write "awesome content" as a lot of marketing gurus call
it, just focus on answering questions.

When I sit down in front of a blank Google doc, it takes forever to get those
first sentences down. Writer's block hits me like a brick and I soon enough I
start scrolling around internet.

So how did I produce 60 articles for my travel platform in 3 months?

I answered questions that people have.

I start with a question I've heard someone ask. I imagine I was at a bar
chatting over a beer, using a conversational tone to write.(because it reads

Before I knew it, I filled up two pages of content in 20 minutes. These articles
are now bringing a steady flow of traffic to my platform.

How does this work for a productized service?

Your customers have questions. The answers create even more questions.

For every question you've heard a customer ask
- in a forum
- at a cocktail party
- or in a sales call

Take time everyday write down the answer and publish it on your productized
service blog.

Write two blog posts a week just by anticipating your customers questions and
then answering them one by one.

It just so happens that most Google searches start with a question too.

Now the magic happens, and your customers start landing on your website thanks
to your blog post with a question headline.

Here is a process I use.

Pick a problem your product solves.

Write a question related to the problem, like:

"How to write two articles a week for my b2b blog?"

Do this twice a week, and you’ll see traffic come back to your blog post from
Google searches.

From there, a some of these visitors will get on a sales call. And some will
subscribe and become paying customers.

But even with this process, a lot of people still run into problems.

Do these things to make the job easier:

* Start the blog post with a story with emotions that people feel when dealing
with your customer's problem.

* Tie the story to a news article. Do a quick Google news search and you'll
find somewhere, a news story broke related to your customer's problem.

* Tie it all up after that with how your solution has helped the first guy in
the story, and potentially many others (from the news story)

* Stay consistent and publish two answers (articles) a week. Watch the traffic
come trickling, then pouring in after two to three months

* And be patient (but not too patient)

That's it. Let me know if you have any questions on the process I've been using
for my own business and my client's.

Have an awesome start to the new year!

Posted by Michael Wald on Facebook