"You can work long, hard or smart. But, at Amazon, you can't choose 2 out of
those 3." - Jeff Bezos in a 1994 job listing for Amazon

At BimaPe, we draw a ton of inspiration from how Jeff has architected the

🍕'Two (American) Pizza' rule for team size
- Ensures 'product' or 'feature' ownership rests with a small & cross-functional

🖥️'No PowerPoint, only memos' for documentation
- The 6 page limit forces the writer to think before-hand
- Document gets circulated before the meeting for reading

💪We have compiled ~5 general lessons from Jeff Bezos for you to review below!

We live by these rules while building 'Wallet by BimaPe' and would love to hear
from other Founders and Product leaders!

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Originally posted by Rahul Mathur on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/rahul-jaideep-mathur