You can't go wrong with these 3 copywriting fundamentals:

1) Write a compelling headline

🔹Use persuasive/power words

🔹Make it easy to read, comprehend and digest

🔹Make it specific – use numbers, stats and/or questions

🔹Tell the readers what are they signing up for

2) Bring in the Clarity

The first thing you should know before you even type any letter is: to know your
audience and your goal of writing that piece of content.

It has to be, first, clear in your head and then you can spill it on the screen.

3) Keep it Simple Silly

Remember: reduce redundancy and eliminate jargon.

Replace complicated words with something easier to comprehend.
We're not trying to flaunt intricate vocabulary; instead, we focus on sending
our message across in the best possible manner.

What more would you add? ❓

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