Yesterday's launch was crazy.

There are so many supportive hearts out there.

For those interested, here's what went well & poorly šŸ‘‡šŸ»

What went well:

- Yesterday's launch post is at 87k impressions & growing
- I had $12,673 in presales from multiple social channels
- The comments are jammed with people saying really supportive things, which is
incredibly humbling.
- The folks on LinkedIn are hungry and self-motivated. They want to learn and
win. I absolutely love it.

There were also some launch day mistakes:

- I used 2 CTAs on my landing page prompting some users to get confused. Silly
- I didn't share on Indie Hackers & Reddit because I didn't manage my time well.
Lost opportunity.
- A friend pointed out that my Twitter thread didn't talk about the course
contents until you get deep into the thread. I could have done better.
- I didn't set up Google Analytics properly so I don't have great tracking. Smh.

Outside of that, the course launch was humbling, fulfilling, and validating.

People want to learn how to build and own something online.

A little corner of the internet to call their own.

Thanks for entrusting your hard-earned dollars with me.

Now it's time to get down to business & deliver on my promises.

The future belongs to those who build online.


Posted by Justin Welsh on LinkedIn