Yesterday, One of Our clients jumped from 1000 users Daily Whatsapp Broadcast
Limit to 10,000 Users Daily Whatsapp Broadcast Limit!

They Can now Shoot one message to 10,000 Users on a Daily Basis!

Well, This is Quite an Achievement as Whatsapp keeps a good check on the kind of
message being sent in the broadcast.

Let me explain!

We Often get the Question:

Can I (as a business) Broadcast a Message to any number of users on Whatsapp
using AiSensy?

Well, It goes this way:

Whatsapp has three tiers

Tier 1 : 1000 Users/Day
Tier 2 : 10,000 Users/Day
Tier 3 : 100,000 Users/Day

So Once you go live on the API (Free with AiSensy)

You're in tier 1, and you can broadcast 1000 messages to users/day

Now within 7 Consecutive Days, if you broadcast messages to 2000+ Users, Your
Limit is Increases to 10,000 Users per day!

That means if for 3 consecutive days you broadcast 700 unique users a message

That makes a total of 2100 users. The Next Day your limit will be increased to
10,000 Users per Day.

But Wait! It's not that easy!

While you're broadcasting these messages(700 each Day)

Whatsapp is noting user behavior and giving you a "Quality Rating" accordingly.

(Continued in Comments)

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