" Akshay, what's Clubhouse? Recently I have been seeing its posts on my

I said I really don't know and I will suggest you ignore it and focus on
existing work.

Today again, I had short chat with one guy where he told me that he has been
doing so many things. I advised him to work on one thing at a time and then move
on to the next.

This is a major problem aka Shiny Object Syndrome.

If a particular thing starts trending, newbies go gaga over it. Well, you see
nothing is bad. There is an immense opportunity for learning. But one should
understand that to learn and excel in something, he/she should spend enough time
in it.

Today one thing is trending. You start exploring it. Next week, another thing
comes, again you start exploring because your peers are doing that. And what's
the output? ZERO. Because exploration doesn't count. Performance count; and you
can't perform effectively if you do many things at a time.

I used to post a lot earlier. I got fame. People started appreciating me. I was
super happy. But one day, one renowned entrepreneur thrashed me publicly. I felt
very very sad.

I had two choices then.

1. Saying, " Saale ko kya pata hain? I am the King and people like me" and keep
doing what I was doing.

2. Analyzing the scenario and taking a rational decision.

I went with choice 2 because he was right! That very moment I reduced the
posting & commenting and focussed on core work!

And guess what? It worked like a charm.️

Today I don't care about my personal branding because I possess the capability
to boost my personal brand whenever I want.

Remember, you have dreams. Your parents are getting old. It's time to take
responsibility of house and let them enjoy! But it will happen only when you
will take wise decisions.

Having fun on social media is okay but learn when to pause and resume. Don't run
behind social media fame. Don't get fascinated by the trends. Do one thing at a



Posted by Akshay Borate on Facebook