Yesterday, I was watching a YouTube video.

Got to learn a lot from it.

Haha! Want to know which video I am talking about😅

The video by Ankur Warikoo

It revolved around the concept of keeping three things in mind while coming up
with a business idea.

He started by saying that people think that ideas doesn't matter but execution

I really loved the way how he told that if your idea is not upto the mark then
execution doesn't matter.

You should come up with the startup ideas by keeping these three things in mind:

🔖 Market size

If the market size is low, then idea will not work. Choose that idea whose
market size is huge.

Because you gonna work on that idea for ten years. Right?

🔖 Growth

The growth of that industry and the people working in it should be huge.

🔖 Competition

The competition should be low otherwise there are lot of chances that the idea
will not work for long.

So, keeping all these things in mind won't let your startup fail.

These acts like a magic pill✨

PS: Launch mini ideas, see which works the best and take that in a long run.

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