Yesterday, February 11 was celebrated as International Day of Women and Girls in
STEM(science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

It was declared by the United Nations.

Indeed this field is predominantly male dominated.

It's good to see a rising awareness to encourage women in this field.

Women are increasingly participants in diverse roles across the world.

Be it politics, adventure, technology, space; we are everywhere.

Even hyper patriarchal societies are slowly changing their stances towards

With the looming pandemic women have taken more responsibilities more than ever.

Managing their jobs and families together is an uphill task.

Women were listed as the 'most stressed' during lockdown.

Clearly women multi task all the time. They ace the art of managing multiple
jobs together. Who knows it better than them.

Change is happening for the best.

It means more awareness, more participation, more empowerment.


Originally posted by Kriti J. on LinkedIn