Yesterday, BimaPe celebrated a major milestone - I promised to share some of the
mistakes I have made as a Founder.

Here is the short list of those mistakes:
1. Not firing fast enough❌
- After repeatedly observing that a new hire was unable to execute on their
mandate, I kept insisting - "they need more time"
- Finally, seeing others (Vishrut & Abraz) covering up for them caused me to
pull the trigger

🧠Lesson here: You can let someone go with their dignity but you can let them go
early (with their dignity) and save everyone from pain.

2. Spending too much time executing in the weeds 🦇
- You can say 'micro-managing' aspects of our Product development
- As our team expanded, I found it hard to let go - I've now realized that I've
hired people better than me for a reason - to build and to be creative

🧠Lesson here: If you trust your team, let them build - you can focus on
charting a course (for me - via writing PRDs & TRDs)

3. Not prioritizing 🕒
- Keeping investors & lawyers on hold whilst resolving Product related issues
first probably doesn't work well.
- I've started 'time-boxing' tasks (pick up Indistractable by Nir Eyal)

👉Building Wallet by BimaPe ( with our team has been
a learning experience; happy to answer questions!

#startups #india

Originally posted by Rahul Mathur on LinkedIn