Yes, 2020 was hard on everyone but there is always a flip side to everything. It
was a year of learning and knowledge is only multiplied when shared. So here I
am, sharing some of the most important takeaways of my year:

1. Get out of the victim mindset - Yes, it can be hard. And no, staying there is
not going to help you. Don't even talk about it, ask yourself "what next?" and
keep moving on.

2. Never refuse money (advance payment) - if someone offers to pay you even
before you start any work, take it.

3. Everyone knows something you don't know about - Learning or knowledge doesn't
necessarily mean it has to be taught by someone older/more successful than you.
You will be surprised to know the things you can learn from the people you never
expected it from.

These are the top 3 takeaways I am bringing into 2021 and I would love to hear
about yours. So what's your story?

#learning #mindset #entrepreneur #success

Posted by Narmada Udayakumar on LinkedIn