2020 was quite the year. As we are about to bid goodbye to the year, I would
like to look back to appreciate and feel proud of how we have faced all
challenges and circumstances and are still in high spirits.

From dealing with the global pandemic situation to taking each step closer to
our vision, this year was all about many new experiences and learnings. While
the journey was not that easy, we never gave up and became each other's support.

After our initial pandemic struggle, we finally emerged as a winner with all of
your support. We entered in new markets and incorporated many new product
features to help employees working from home and streamline the people practices
for the HR leaders.

We also managed to organize multiple Virtual Roundtable Sessions and Webinar
series in South East Asia with global industry leaders coming on-board with us
as business advisors.

Our team has gone double in size along with 100% renewals on AMARA. All these
achievements wouldn’t have been possible without you all. I would like to thank
all of you who believed in us, our efforts, and our worth.

Have a blessed and happy New Year!

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Posted by Vikas Kakkar on LinkedIn