📈 Y Combinator Fundraising Templates for Fintech Startups

Thinking about raising capital anytime soon?
Here are the pros of using the postmoney SAFE by YC (company portfolio +$65B

✅ Your legal costs will be near zero because it’s a template
✅ There’s no minimum threshold to raise before a deal goes through—investors
simply sign and wire
✅ Investors receive equity when an equity round happens—if a company goes
through a liquidity event before an equity conversion happens, you’ll convert to
equity and get your share
✅ The new SAFE is a post-money SAFE.

So why are more founders and investors choosing to use these very templates?

It's simple math: the post-money SAFE is easier math to calculate than the old
pre-money SAFE.

This resource bundle I've put together includes templates for Postmoney SAFE:
- Valuation Cap Only
- Valuation Cap & Discount
- Discount Only
- MFN Only

Want access to these YC templates?

Leave a comment below and I’ll send you a link ASAP. 👇👇

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