⭐ Writing a great LinkedIn summary ⭐

With over 600 million users (wow) and growing, it is more important than ever to
ensure that when someone visits your profile and takes the time to read your
profile, that it is easy to read.

Here are a few "don'ts" for writing your profile summary:

👉 DON'T use jargon or buzzwords. Keep it simple and easy to understand.

👉 DON'T make it look like a large block of text. Break your sentences into
shorter paragraphs and use bullets, if need be - just like this post 😊

👉 DON'T write in the third person. Write as if you’re talking using your own

👉 DON'T just talk about yourself, say how you can help others.

🤔 What is your top DON'T for writing a great and optimised LinkedIn summary?

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Posted by Tim Barnett on LinkedIn
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