Write an Investor Update every month, even if you don't send it.

Write it even if you don't have any investors.

In addition to the fact that writing makes us think and see the facts clearer
than what we think about them in our minds, the most important value you are
likely to see from monthly investor updates is the *mental accountability push*
it gives you when you meet your numbers as well as when you miss them.

When you are forced to write and have your progress *read* by an external person
you trust, you get most of the value even if no one responds by merely writing
it down.

Now the fact is that your well-wishers will often respond, provide guidance on
problems you are seeing, make connections, and a lot more.

And I can say this based on facts across our 80+ company portfolio. The ones who
do it benefit far more than the ones who don't.

So the overall benefit of writing Monthly Investor Updates is unparalleled.

Just do it.

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Posted by Vaibhav Domkundwar on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/better