Workplace Abuse:- Toxicity Manual

A boundary is set of rights and values that defends an individual's identity.

Right of:-privacy, freedom, expression, peer support, happiness, grow, dignity,
honour, emotional congruence, free thinking, and so on.

An abuse is, when an individual, uses his/her post/gender/power to crush these
boundaries, either through words, or body language, or behevior, or facial
expression, or acts, either directly or indirectly, in isolation or in group

So, for instance, you are an abuser:-

1. If a colleague is sad and crying and you make fun of the person.

2. If you are shouting/talking down a colleague when he/she is expressing
his/her views/opinions.

3. If you are passing cheap remarks on/making fun of a colleague with a sole
purpose of portraying him/her lower than you.

4. If you are sabotaging the performance of a colleague directly or indirectly
through negative acts/words, withholding/denying needed support.

5. Facial or verbal aggression or threatning to intimidate collegues.

6. Denying timely support/resources to a colleague that he/she needed from you
to succeed.

7. Denying/self-claiming deserving credit, promotion of someone else.

8. Discouraging, confusing.

9. Emotionally destabilizing others.

10.Inherent negativity.

Originally posted by Rupam Das on LinkedIn