With the economic slowdown, many freelance writers (and agencies) are witnessing
a slowdown in their projects.
In such testing times, here's what you can do (I'm doing the same):
#1. Put out case studies - social proof of the work you have done for clients.
#2. Collect testimonials from existing clients and showcase them on LinkedIn.
It may not convert into clients immediately, yet this is your chance to start
creating a brand presence for your target audience and leads.
#3. Write more.
Get columns at industry reputed publications.
Or write on LinkedIn.
These writing samples showcase your writing style and the kind of content you
specialize in creating.
So that when the market picks up pace, you do not have to write endless free
samples for companies who want to work with you.
While we have no control over the market or the epidemic, what we can choose to
do is wisely utilize the time to put forth our work to the audience.
And create a constant brand recall.
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Posted by Priyanka Desai on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/priyankadesai1