With 11 pages of project report
I went to get a loan worth ₹2.25 lacs!

Banks were not ready to believe
& declared the project as "very high risk."

Approached a startup council in Gujarat.
They declared the project as
"Non-scalable" and "Non-sustainable"

went to friends if they could join
But they found this project as a "sinking ship" in a very stormy ocean and
refused to board it!

Left with no option than to start with what i had and what i could do.

The same,
Very high risk
Non-scalable, Non-sustainable
Sinking ship in a stormy ocean
is now serving many in 42 cities across India, without any external funding!

It is good,
if there are people to walk with you
But it is also not bad,
to walk alone when no one is believing you!

#persistence #keepwalking #selfbelief

Originally posted by Dhruvam Thaker on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/dhruvamthaker