Membership sites are very profitable since all your visitor feels like a part of your company which is very amazing thing !

So how you can turn your wordpress website into a full membership site ?

Hiring a web developer for that is very costly and after that you have to compromise with the result !

So, let me present you a tool , WishList Member

What is WishList Member ?

Wishlist Member is a powerful solution for creating an online membership site using WordPress as the core content management system.

Why WishList ?

  • Member Portal
  • Member types
  • Membership Database
  • Membership Renewals
  • Payment Processing
  • Website Management
  • EMail Marketing


What do you like best?

"Ease of integration into current WP sites"


What do you dislike?

"Security feels like it is lacking slightly"

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What's in the DEAL ?

  • 50 Sites
  • All payment gateways included
  • WordPress Basics Course
  • Exclusive Membership Interviews
  • Training videos and support guides