Will you be willing to pay Protection Money?

Earlier businesses used to pay protection money to mafias who in return protect
businessmen from local influencers or hoodlums.

Now with rise of freelance economy, trust between both the party is the focal

I don't need to get into numbers but failure rate of projects is alarming.

Trust breached, milestones or deadlines missed, lack of communication, lack of
expertise and a few more factors could the reason behind it.

What if any of the parties don't act fairly & responsibly( either project fee is
not being released or project is being delayed)?

There are platform's Native Verification, Escrow Payment & Arbitration Systems
in place still genuine users are being cheated.

So next time you are working on a freelance platform either as a buyer or seller
of services. Pay a protection money and rest assured.

Anybody is in fault, the nearest Don Corleone will pay a physical visit. Just to
remind, You do it & You do it Now!

Sounds good to you?

Do you think such a platform should exist?